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Breaking the All-Black Wardrobe Habit: How To Rebuild Your Closet with Color

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Do you have an all black wardrobe and find yourself wanting to add some color to your closet? Most of us tend to stick with the classics – black, white, and grey – because they are timeless and go with almost everything. Plus, everyone looks good in black, right? Well… that’s actually wrong.

If you want to make a statement with your unique color season style, it’s time to break away from the monotone look and give vibrant hues a chance. In this article, we’ll provide tips on how you can transition from an all-black wardrobe to one filled with more colorful clothes in your color season.

Why You Should Consider Rebuilding Your Wardrobe with Color

In the past, black-on-black looks have been a major fashion trend that has been embraced by many. From celebrities to everyday people, the all-black wardrobe became an easy go-to look for quick styling.

Whether it’s an everyday outfit or something more formal such as a business meeting, it is not uncommon to hear someone express they’re feeling underdressed if they don’t sport some all black ensemble.

Color gives you more freedom when styling an outfit.

Nowadays, incorporating color into your wardrobe can help you express yourself and tap into the current trends.

Women tend to want to wear more color in their wardrobe because of the freedom it provides when styling an outfit.

Not only can they create a statement with bold colors that make them stand out, but they also have the opportunity to accessorize in unique ways.

Wearing colors evoke a feeling of energy.

In addition to expressing individual style, wearing brighter colors can also be beneficial for one’s mood. Studies have shown that people respond better to vibrant hues, as they evoke a feeling of energy and joy.

It is no wonder why many women feel more confident when wearing colorful clothes – not only do these pieces give off a positive vibe, but they also reflect how one feels on the inside.

Wearing colors offer many benefits.

Overall, wearing colors in one’s wardrobe offers plenty of benefits, such as:

  • expressing individual style
  • elevating moods
  • creating harmonious looks
  • brightening up your face
  • making you look more awake and vibrant

Women should not be afraid to take risks with their fashion choices by introducing some hues from their seasonal color palette into an all-black closet – the results could very well be life-changing!

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How to Rebuild Your Black Wardrobe with Color in 5 Steps

When implementing colors into your everyday outfit ideas, it’s important to keep in mind that you don’t have to go all in right away.

Start by incorporating a few brighter pieces, such as statement tops and bottoms, and slowly build up an outfit palette with colorful items. Then, once feeling comfortable enough, try experimenting with bolder shades and prints – this way, you can create a unique look without having to commit to any one particular color or style. Let’s get started!

Step 1: Assessing Your All-Black Wardrobe and Create a Goal for the New Look

When creating a goal for transitioning away from an all black wardrobe it’s important to remember that it doesn’t have to be done all at once. Instead, it’s best to start out slow and progress into more colorful pieces over time.

This will help create a look that feels right and also allow you to experiment with different colors and combinations without feeling overwhelmed.

It also allows you to build up a wardrobe of versatile pieces that can be mixed and matched in various ways – providing lots of outfit options while still keeping things interesting.

Start rebuilding your black wardrobe by taking inventory of your closet

When considering how to transition away from wearing all black clothing, the best place to start is by taking inventory of what’s already in your closet.

This will help determine what pieces might need to be replaced or which items could potentially stay put while being styled differently (e.g., adding a colorful scarf instead of always wearing a blazer).

So go ahead and pull out all the black from your closet. Sort thru what fits, what’s dated or damaged, and what you love or don’t love.

After assessing what’s already available in your closet, then create a wish list of items that could help in building up your new minimalist capsule wardrobe, such as different colored tops/shirts, bottoms/pants/skirts/shorts etc., footwear and accessories that complement one another well and bring out different elements within each outfit.

Inside the COLORCODE Companion App, we give you the outline and direction for creating a capsule wardrobe!

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Step 2: Implementing Colors Into Your Everyday Outfit Ideas

When implementing colors into everyday outfit ideas, a great starting point is to consider what colors best suit your style and which hues you feel most comfortable wearing. When you know your individual color season, you’ll know the exact palette to start building your wardrobe around.

For instance, if you were a True Summer, this is one of the 30 wardrobe suggestions we give our COLORCODE clients during their consult.

Your neutrals would be Wrought Iron and Turbulence in this wardrobe palette.

black wardrobe closet

When you know your colors, you’ll know what neutrals you can reach for instead of always going for black. This could be grey, navy, camel, ivory, taupe, or olive. It all depends on what season your unique features fall into, as Winters are the only season who can pull off wearing black around their face!

neutrals per color season

Step 3: Incorporating Fun Accessories to Help Transition from Black to Color

Accessories are also great for transitioning from black to color, as they provide the perfect opportunity for experimentation.

Try adding some eye-catching jewelry, such as statement necklaces or colorful earrings to liven up an all-black ensemble.

Scarves are also great for injecting some color into any look – brighten up any outfit with a cheerfully patterned scarf in bold hues!

For example, this is how you could style a True Summer Outfit using three colors from the palette.

black wardrobe closet
- True Summer

Step 4: Add in textures for layering

In addition to incorporating different colored items into your wardrobe, don’t forget about textures too – this is where layering becomes key!

Try pairing heavier fabrics (such as wool cardigans) with lighter-weight items (like silk blouses) for maximum contrast, which can add dimension to any look.

Incorporating different textures can make any outfit look more interesting while allowing you to express yourself through fashion in new ways. Always make sure you feel comfortable in what you’re wearing, though, as this will show on how confident and stylish you look overall!

Step 5: Experiment with prints

Finally, don’t forget about experimenting with prints! From stripes and florals to polka dots and gingham – prints are always fun ways of sprucing up a look without having to add too much color into your wardrobe all at once.

Brighten up an all-neutral ensemble by pairing printed tops or dresses with solid bottoms/accessories, or aim for a bolder style by going head-to-toe with printed pieces! Prints come in many variations, so don’t be afraid to go wild when exploring them – have fun and enjoy the process!

Conclusion: Rebuild Your Black Closet Into A Colorful One

By following these simple steps, you will soon be able to rebuild your all black wardrobe into a colorful one – with plenty of versatile pieces that will give you lots of outfit options!

Have fun experimenting with colors and textures, accessorizing, and discovering new styles – the possibilities are truly endless!

So don’t be afraid to take risks and go out of your comfort zone when putting together your outfits – after all, fashion is meant to be fun! 🙂 Just make sure you’re wearing your seasonal color palette! If you’re unsure what that is – take our FREE True Colors Quiz to find out.

black wardrobe closet

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