color season analysis

How to Update Your Wardrobe With color in Minutes

Ready to invest in yourself? Take the color season quiz to find your best colors then shop by colors in the COLORCODE® App!

without getting yourself stuck in a 2-hour Pinterest trap

Are you tired of guessing which colors look best on you?

Take our color season quiz to unlock your personalized color palette

Determine the most flattering hues and versatile articles for your wardrobe capsule and beauty bag according to your skin tone, hair shade, eye color, and style identity.


Best Self

unlock your COLORCODE®

step two

step three

step four




Finally, eliminate the time-sucking trial and error process of guessing which colors flatter your complexion and bring out your natural beauty.

We manually review your consult answers and assign you to one of the twelve seasons. Your COLORCODE® Profile Guide includes an extensive breakdown of your suggested wardrobe and makeup palette.

If you'd like the full 1:1 experience, place your one-time order for a personalized COLORCODE® Consult. We'll collect information about your unique features and preferences using our on-demand digital form.

Take advantage of the free COLORCODE® App. Use the Wardrobe Builder to learn how to build a capsule and wear your season colors. Shop your colors from all your favorite brands inside the Shopping Corner ...and so much more!

step one


Find out which colors look best with your skin tone, hair, and eye color in minutes with the Unlock My True Colors Quiz. Includes a time sensitive BONUS at the end!

Are you feeling like your wardrobe could use a bit of a refresh?

real results


was excited to go through her closet:

This has been so fun. I am not a wardrobe girl but always wanted to have some type of nice wardrobe so it's a fun goal of mine to accomplish now that I have the results from my COLORCODE® Consult!


felt refreshed:

"Unlocking my COLORCODE® opened my eyes to an entirely new way of getting dressed and rebuilding my wardrobe. Shopping for makeup and clothes is FUN again in my 40s."


was shocked:

"I was wearing the wrong makeup, jewelry and colors. I had no idea! Then, I learned how to look my best and it’s like magic. Wrinkles erased, uneven skin tone corrected, eyes popping!"

Somewhere between rocking tube tops and having babies - over a decade has past and you're left with a stale closet that doesn't scream professional mom.

But the good news is reviving your outfits takes less effort than you think!

Start with a FREE 2-minute color season quiz to get a handle on your best colors. Then we can start to shop by colors in the COLORCODE® app!

Includes a time sensitive BONUS at the end!

Is your wardrobe feeling a bit outdated?

Life is too short to live in black and white.

take your personal style to the next level with seasonal color analysis

As women, we know the power that wardrobe and makeup can have on our confidence and how we present ourselves to the world.

Imagine being able to translate your seasonal color palette into makeup looks and outfits that make you feel like a million bucks - that is where seasonal color analysis comes in.

By using our comprehensive COLORCODE® digital color theory system, you can discover which colors complement your natural (skin, hair, eyes) features best to create a personalized seasonal color palette.

Armed with this knowledge, your options for shopping, getting ready for special events, and creating inspired makeup looks are infinitely expanded. 

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