Complete a personal color analysis so you can feel 10x more confident in your appearance As a Mom

Yes! I need more color

let's get you out of black and into more color!

And now I'm so excited to go through my closet. I am not a wardrobe girl but always wanted to have some type of nice wardrobe so it's a fun goal of mine to accomplish now that I have the results from my COLORCODE® Consult!

This has been so fun!

- rosa

Do you waste money on clothes and makeup that you never wear?

I get it. We all have.

You want to refresh your dated closet with fun and trendy items. But .... you get stuck.

For starters -  you don't want to buy something you'll wear just one time.

And on the other hand - you want to make sure what you do buy - you look and feel great in!

COLORCODE® Consult is the perfect solution!

We take the guesswork out of finding those unique-to-you flattering colors your after.

save time and money shopping

By avoiding clothing and makeup shades that do not suit you, you can save money and time finding the perfect outfits and Makeup for you.

Say goodbye to outfits that don't quite hit the mark and beauty products that just don't work for you.

With a personal color analysis, discover the most flattering colors and versatile articles to create your very own wardrobe capsule and beauty bag. 

Unlock the secret to a wardrobe that flatters your unique features...without an in person consultation


Don't waste another day feeling unsure about your fashion choices.

Let COLORCODE® Guide You To A Style That's Uniquely You.

start my colorcode consult!

I always knew "blues" worked well for me, and color has fascinated me. I was researching in-home consultations before finding out about COLORCODE® Consult. And it has been a game-changer already! It makes getting dressed fun and takes the guesswork out of shopping because everything is at my fingertips! I use the rack card all the time! Feeling confident when I walk out the door is such a beautiful start to the day! 

Game Changer!


how does this sound?


Show off a youthful and radiant appearance


Improve your personal brand


Highlight your best features


Get Daily compliments from friends and strangers alike


Build a cohesive wardrobe 

imagine Feeling Confident And Beautiful In everything You Wear

Without hiring a personal fashion stylist

Without relying on heavy makeup and photo filters

Without browsing fashion and beauty blogs for inspo 

Have you ever looked in the mirror and wondered why certain colors just don't seem to work for you?

For years I had a nice coral tank top that I kept pushing to the back of my closet... I had worn it once.

And every time I went to grab it - my eye went for a royal blue or brighter color instead.

Why wasn't I wearing it?
After I had my personal color analysis it all clicked.

I'm a Bright Winter.

And that means coral is no where near my bright + cool season color palette.

It all made sense now. My colors are Raspberries, Blues, and Bright Greens.

From there on out - I've been obsessed with helping women add more COLOR to their closet!

Today - I've swapped boring neutrals for the complementary and accent colors that look great on me!

I've compiled dozens of compliments to prove it! 

- Kristin Korn, COLORCODE® founder

Investing in a personalized color analysis is a gift that will keep on giving

make life easier and more colorful.


Before getting my colors done, I was mostly wearing black and didn't always feel comfortable adding extra colors. But thanks to COLORCODE® Consult, I love using the color card to pick outfits, especially for special occasions. And I've already made changes to my makeup and hair color using their recommendations. Absolutely recommended!

No More Black For Me!

- heather

let's break it down

Here's what's included

feature one

On-Demand digital consult 

When you sign up for a COLORCODE® Consult, you'll immediately receive the link to your on-demand digital consult.

Through a series of questions and photos we gather information about your unique features and preferences. Nothing live - all done online.

feature two

COLORCODE® Profile Guide

Our team will expertly analyze your consult responses to determine which of the twelve seasons best suits you.

Inside your comprehensive COLORCODE® Profile Guide and Color Rack Card, we suggest your ideal wardrobe and makeup palette. Plus, we teach you how to build a wardrobe capsule with colors from your season and style.

Say goodbye to the days of styling guesswork and hello to always looking effortlessly put-together with this guide!

feature three

Style Identity Guide

With the digital Style Identity Guide, we'll help you tap into your unique essence so you never have a boring outfit again.

The guide walks you through the 7 Style Identities rooted in the ancient Tao principle of yin and yang.

Not to be confused with the traditional 'fruit' body shape theory - Style identities are about repeating your body's natural lines in your clothing to achieve a congruous look. Your style has a name - let's find it!

And not only that, but we also provide four wardrobe  palettes specifically tailored for each identity inside the profile guide, so picking out colors for your unique style identity has never been easier. 


100 Outfit Color Combos

Not only will we determine your unique season color palette, but we also provide you with 100 outfit color combos specifically tailored to your color season.

This means saying goodbye to mismatch outfits and hello to consistently stylish looks that reflect your personal style.

Imagine opening your closet knowing whatever you pick out to wear today will have you looking your best!

By having a set of recommended colors to stick with, it'll be easier to mix and match pieces in your closet for maximum wear. 


COLORCODE® Companion App

With the COLORCODE® Companion App, you'll feel like you have a personal stylist by your side, helping you experiment with new looks and find versatile pieces to add to your wardrobe.

Say goodbye to aimless shopping trips - the Shopping Corner allows you to efficiently shop for clothing, makeup, and accessories that perfectly match your unique season.

Plus, the Wardrobe Capsule Builder will have you creating a complete wardrobe in no time.

And don't forget about the Community Chat feature - connect with other stylish ladies and share fashion tips and inspiration.

Printed + Digital copy

on your own time - Takes just 5 minutes! 

tap into your personal style essence

easily put together outfits

shop by color season

I know you might be thinking...

I totally get where you're coming from - investing in a personal color analysis can seem like a luxury. But trust me, being able to confidently rock your best shades truly pays off in the long run. Instead of constantly second-guessing what colors suit you and wasting money on clothing that ends up collecting dust in your closet, you'll have a solid foundation for building a killer wardrobe.

Plus, think about all the compliments and envious looks you'll receive! So yes, it may involve an upfront cost, but the return on investment is definitely worth it. And hey, consider it an investment in yourself - you deserve to feel amazing and show off your true colors!


Is it worth the investment?

If the idea of searching for a color analysis expert in your area feels overwhelming and time-consuming, have no fear! Our personal color analysis is done completely online, so all you have to do is sit back, relax, and let our experts do the work for you.

Our team has extensive experience and expertise in both color theory and branding, ensuring that you get the most personalized and accurate results possible. So forget about tirelessly scouring your area - with our virtual services, finding an expert has never been easier. Let's create your ideal color palette together!


I don't have the time and effort to use a color consultant?

The thought of figuring out how to apply the results of your personal color analysis can seem intimidating, but never fear - we have a solution! After you receive your consult result - use the many features inside the (free) COLORCODE® companion app. Using The Shopping Corner, say goodbye to aimless browsing and scrolling through pages upon pages of online shopping sites trying to put together outfits. The Shopping Corner shows you clothing, makeup, and accessories tailored to your unique color season.

And with the personalized Wardrobe Capsule Builder, creating a complete wardrobe is a breeze. Don't let the stress of implementation weigh you down - let us do all the hard work for you.


how do i apply my results to everyday life? it seems stressful.

Before my consult - I was confused, felt basic and uncertain about what would look good on me. I wanted a list of what to do! 

My favorite part COLORCODE® Consult is the printed profile guide and the app, which are super easy to understand and use. Now, I feel confident about wearing the bright colors I'm drawn to and I don't waste any time wondering what does and doesn't work.

Super easy to understand 

- alison

look and feel more youthful when you start wearing the right colors!

learn which are the wrong colors to stop wearing that are making you look tired and washed out.

make me look younger!

unlock your COLORCODE®

step one

step two

step three



build wardrobe

Finally, eliminate the time-sucking trial and error process of guessing which colors flatter your complexion and bring out your natural beauty.

Our expert team manually reviews your consult submissions and places you into one of our twelve color seasons.

Within a week, we'll email you your results and drop all your digital copies inside the COLORCODE® App.

But that's not all!

You'll also receive a printed copy of your  COLORCODE® Profile Guide, packed with an extensive breakdown of your suggested wardrobe and makeup palette. 

Place your one-time order for a personal COLORCODE® Consult.

Nothing live - all done thru an interactive form on your schedule!

Takes just 5 minutes to complete.

During your on-demand virtual color analysis we'll collect information about your unique features and preferences. 

You can now organize your closet with an assortment of clothing that you look great in, love wearing, and are practical and versatile.

Take advantage of the free COLORCODE® App.

Use the Wardrobe Builder to learn how to build a capsule and wear your season colors.

Shop your colors from all your favorite brands inside the Shopping Corner.

...and so much more!

3-step process

one Payment of $197 

On-Demand Digital Consult 

COLORCODE® Profile Guide

Style Identity Guide

100 Outfit Color Combos

COLORCODE® Companion App

All this? Yes I'm in!

Save yourself $200! plus, instead of a 4-hour in person color consultation...

Book an on-demand color analysis that takes just 5 minutes and spend half that price!

There is no competition but nobody can be me.