Do you waste money on clothes and makeup that you never wear?

It's exhausting to shop when you need help figuring out where to start, and it's even harder to figure out what looks good on your unique features.

COLORCODE® Consult is the perfect solution! We take the guesswork out of finding flattering colors for your complexion and help you find styles that inspire you.

save time and money

Book my colorcode consult

avoid future shopping mistakes, forever!

When you can 10x your appearance and confidence by wearing the right colors... you'll wonder why you never got your colors done sooner.

When you book your COLORCODE® Consult we determine the most flattering hues and versatile articles for your  wardrobe capsule and beauty bag according to your skin tone, hair shade, eye color, and style identity.

Build a streamlined capsule wardrobe with ease
Enhance your natural assets and appearance
Express your personality 
Raise your self-esteem and confidence
Save time and money

Build a streamlined capsule wardrobe with ease

Enhance your natural assets and appearance

Express your personality
Raise your self-esteem and confidence

Save time and money

Book my colorcode consult

real results


felt refreshed:

"Unlocking my COLORCODE® opened my eyes to an entirely new way of getting dressed and rebuilding my wardrobe. Shopping for makeup and clothes is FUN again in my 40s."


was shocked:

"I was wearing the wrong makeup, jewelry and colors. I had no idea! Then, I learned how to look my best and it’s like magic. Wrinkles erased, uneven skin tone corrected, eyes popping!"


was excited to go through her closet:

This has been so fun. I am not a wardrobe girl but always wanted to have somoe type of nice wardrobe so it's a fun goal of mine to accomplish now that I have the results from my COLORCODE® Consult!

Have you ever looked in the mirror and wondered why certain colors just don't seem to work for you?

That's where seasonal color analysis comes in!

This fun and exciting process helps determine your specific seasonal palette, so you can flaunt those flattering hues and say goodbye to wash-out worries.

Kristin's COLORCODE® is BWBCF and she's a Bright Winter - February!

Through color analysis, we can determine the undertones in your skin, hair, and eyes to find the perfect shades that bring out your natural radiance and define your features.

No more struggling to coordinate outfits or hide imperfections - stock up on your seasonal colors and let them do all the work for you.

So go ahead and embrace your inner fashionista with a seasonal color analysis! Trust me, you won't regret it.

Book my colorcode consult

There is no competition but nobody can be me. 

I totally get where you're coming from - investing in a personal color analysis can seem like a luxury. But trust me, being able to confidently rock your best shades truly pays off in the long run. Instead of constantly second-guessing what colors suit you and wasting money on clothing that ends up collecting dust in your closet, you'll have a solid foundation for building a killer wardrobe.

Plus, think about all the compliments and envious looks you'll receive! So yes, it may involve an upfront cost, but the return on investment is definitely worth it. And hey, consider it an investment in yourself - you deserve to feel amazing and show off your true colors!

we know you might be thinking...


Is it worth the investment?

If the idea of searching for a color analysis expert in your area feels overwhelming and time-consuming, have no fear! Our personal color analysis is done completely online, so all you have to do is sit back, relax, and let our experts do the work for you.

Our team has extensive experience and expertise in both color theory and branding, ensuring that you get the most personalized and accurate results possible. So forget about tirelessly scouring your area - with our virtual services, finding an expert has never been easier. Let's create your ideal color palette together!


I don't have the time and effort to use a color consultant?

The thought of figuring out how to apply the results of your personal color analysis can seem intimidating, but never fear - we have a solution! Included with every analysis is a free trial of our COLORCODE® companion app, The Shopping Corner. Say goodbye to aimless browsing and scrolling through pages upon pages of online shopping sites trying to put together outfits. The Shopping Corner only shows you clothing, makeup, and accessories tailored to your unique season.

And with the personalized Wardrobe Capsule Builder, creating a complete wardrobe is a breeze. Don't let the stress of implementation weigh you down - let us do all the hard work for you.


how do i apply my results to everyday life? it seems stressful.

Book my colorcode consult


Determine the most flattering hues and versatile articles for your wardrobe capsule and beauty bag according to your skin tone, hair shade, eye color, and style identity once you unlock your COLORCODE®.

let's break it down

Here's what's included

feature one

Interactive digital consult 

When you sign up for a COLORCODE® Consult, you'll receive an interactive digital consult to gather information about your unique features and preferences. This helps us create a personalized color analysis just for you!

feature two

COLORCODE® Profile Guide

Our team will expertly analyze your consult responses to determine which of the twelve seasons best suits you. You will receive in the mail a printed copy of your comprehensive COLORCODE® Profile Guide and Color Rack Card, which will suggest your ideal wardrobe and makeup palette, and teach you how to build a wardrobe capsule with colors from your season and style. Say goodbye to the days of styling guesswork and hello to always looking effortlessly put-together! (Digital copies also provided.)

feature three

Style Identity Guide

With our digital Style Identity Guide, we'll help you tap into your unique essence so you never have a fashion faux pas again! The guide walks you through the 7 Style Identities, from Dramatic to Classic, to determine which identity best aligns with you. And not only that, but we also provide four wardrobe  palettes specifically tailored for each identity, so picking out colors has never been easier. 


100 Outfit Color Combos

Not only will we determine your unique seasonal palette, but we also provide you with 100 outfit color combos specifically tailored to your season. This means saying goodbye to mismatch outfits and hello to consistently stylish looks that reflect your personal style. Plus, by having a set of recommended colors to stick with, it'll be easier to mix and match pieces in your closet for maximum wear. 


COLORCODE® Companion

With this (1 month trial) membership, you'll feel like you have a personal stylist by your side, helping you experiment with new looks and find versatile pieces to add to your wardrobe. Say goodbye to aimless shopping trips - the Shopping Corner allows you to efficiently shop for clothing, makeup, and accessories that perfectly match your unique season. Plus, the Wardrobe Capsule Builder will have you creating a complete wardrobe in no time. And don't forget about the Community Chat feature - connect with other stylish ladies and share fashion tips and inspiration.

how does this sound?


Be confident and beautiful in what you wear


Feel excited to get dressed each morning


Enhance and show off your natural beauty


Get compliments from friends and strangers alike


Stop wasting time and money on colors that don't work for you

the results you can expect from your consult

unlock your COLORCODE®


step one

step two

step three



join companion app

eliminate the time-sucking trial and error process of guessing which colors flatter your complexion and bring out your natural beauty

We manually review your consult answers and assign you to one of the twelve seasons. Your COLORCODE® Profile Guide includes an extensive breakdown of your suggested wardrobe and makeup palette.

Place your one-time order for a personalized COLORCODE Consult. We'll collect information about your unique features and preferences using our interactive digital form.

 Confidently shop the finest clothes in the right colors for your season and style identity inside the App's Companion Membership. Chat with other women in the CC community as you build your capsule wardrobe.

one Payment

Interactive Digital Consult 

COLORCODE® Profile Guide

Style Identity Guide

100 Outfit Color Combos

COLORCODE® Companion Trial

1 payment of $197

Companion Membership

After your initial trial expires, the cost for app membership is just $9.99 per month. This membership can be managed inside your Google Play or Apple App Store.

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